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World AIDS Day
Thursday, 09 December 2010 06:39
December 1, 2010 - As you know, today we commemorate World AIDS Day. As we stop to think about the 29-plus years that HIV/AIDS has been in our midst, AACAA asks you to reflect on what you are personally doing to ensure this disease stops its deadly spread. We all have a role to play.

A recent report claimed that 93.4 percent of new HIV infections among women in New York City were Black and Hispanic. The CDC reports that one in 16 black men will be diagnosed with HIV in his lifetime. We cannot wish these numbers away. We must WORK to make sure people who engage in sexual activity protect themselves EVERY SINGLE TIME they have intercourse. You can protect yourself by getting tested, knowing your status and USING CONDOMS.

To commemorate World AIDS Day AACAA is co-sponsoring a panel in New York City on December 2nd @ 6:30 P.M. at the Dwyer Cultural Center (123rd Street and St. Nicholas Ave). Please join us for a discussion with Dr. Monica Sweeney (Assistant Commissioner at the Bureau for HIV/AIDS Prevention for the NYC Department of Health), Professor David Hughes, Hydeia Broadbent (activist) and Slim Jackson (writer).

If you cannot make this event we hope you take time today to reflect on how you personally can help to save lives and make sure 29 years from now we are discussing how we made HIV/AIDS extinct.

Condoms in Downtown Brooklyn
Wednesday, 08 December 2010 18:52

On Friday, November 12, AACAA sponsored a group of 9 African American female NYU students to distribute over 5,000 condoms to people in Downtown Brooklyn & Fort Greene. This distribution event was a follow-up from the Girl Talk AACAA held at NYU a couple of weeks ago. Passing out condoms on the street felt both empowering for the volunteers as well as for the community because at least for that moment, we were able to take sex and condom usage from being private, secretive topics to being a public issue. Many people stopped and thanked the volunteers for their efforts. We ended the day with a wonderful meal at Il Porto restaurant in Brooklyn, where we continued our discussion about sex and sexual health.


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Girl Talk at NYU!
Wednesday, 08 December 2010 18:52
On Wednesday, November 3, AACAA partnered with New York University's Organization of Black Women to host our first "Girl Talk" with our new Winter Fellow, Ericka. About 20 African American female students at NYU came together for a couple of hours to openly and honestly talk about sex. The "Girl Talk" project is an effort to promote dialogue about sexual health and empowerment amongst African American women. Through dialogue, participants begin to build a community of women who can work together to learn from each other about sex and sexual health. Next friday, the students will be passing out condoms on the streets of Downtown Brooklyn and then having a dinner so they can continue their conversation about sex.
We are excited about hosting more Girl Talks in the future!

Kaiser Family Foundation October 5, 2010 Release
Wednesday, 08 December 2010 18:52

A "Deciding Moment" for AIDS After 30 Years

New National Media Campaign Inspires Black Americans to Take Action to Stem Spread of HIV

WASHINGTON, Tuesday, 5 October 2010 -- Greater Than AIDS, a national movement supported by a broad coalition of public and private sector partners, today unveiled the latest phase of its campaign to mobilize Black Americans in response to the devastating epidemic which will mark its 30th year next June. Black Americans account for nearly half of new HIV infections occurring annually in the United States, while representing 13 percent of the population. In addition to being disproportionately affected by HIV/AIDS, Black Americans are also significantly more likely to die as a result as compared to other races and ethnicities in this country.

The cross-platform media campaign focuses on Deciding Moments, everyday opportunities to take a stand against HIV drawn from real-life stories of people from across the country -- including those living with HIV. Be it asking to be tested, buying (and using) condoms, correcting a piece of misinformation, or keeping up with one’s medications, these simple acts serve to challenge the stigma surrounding HIV and stem its spread. These individuals opened up about their experiences in the hopes of inspiring others to do the same. An interactive feature on the campaign’s website -- www.greaterthan.org -- allows visitors to post their own deciding moments.

"As we prepare to close three decades of HIV/AIDS, this is our collective Deciding Moment as a people," said Phill Wilson, President and CEO of the Black AIDS Institute, a founding partner of Greater Than AIDS. "Black Americans have borne the brunt of the HIV/AIDS epidemic and now is the time to come together and do our part to change the course of this epidemic."

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