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2013 New York City Mayoral Forum sponsored by GMHC
Tuesday, 03 September 2013 00:13

The Gay Men’s Health Crisis Center (GMHC) is the longest standing AIDS organization in New York.  The GMHC hosted a 2013 New York City Mayoral Forum on HIV/AIDS that proved to be lively, interesting, and very informative on HIV/AIDS issues in New York City but also on the views of the mayoral candidates.  Some of the facts read in the introduction were just staggering: 78% of new HIV cases are among the African-American and Latino populations. HIV services and education funding has been cut by 4.2 million so far and there are proposed cuts of over 10 million for the fiscal year of 2013.  During the forum, the candidates discusses key issues such as the Ryan White Act and funding, opportunity costs, statutes passed by the NYC HIV Services Administration, and issues of rent cap.  The growing problem of HIV/AIDS in the adolescent population and the older generations were also discussed. The GMHC provided these results in the following document: http://www.gmhc.org/files/editor/file/2013_MayoralCandidateSurveyResults_full.pdf


Check it out! HIV/AIDS is definitely a hot topic among the mayoral candidates.