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Kenyetta Smith: High School AACAA Intern's Perspective
Friday, 23 August 2013 14:19

I must say that you find out that the world has more characteristics to it when you actually venture out into it than what you hear from your parents. Interacting with people and watching different actions is much  more interesting than what you hear.For the first time, my partner and I went out to administer surveys in areas surrounding SUNY Downstate Medical Center and Kings County Hospital. For the majority of the time, we observed older men and women, kids with their mothers, and a few young adults. I discovered that gender is very important. In the beginning, Joshua had some trouble administering the surveys,but as soon as I got out onto the streets I was able to collect 2-3 surveys at a time.  I found out that people don’t want to stop because they think  you are trying to sell them anything, and some people just don’t want to listen to what you have to say.  Some people were very interested in the cause. A challenge in trying to administer the survey was the input of other people on the streets. When Ms.Ese, Joshua, and I were standing in front of Downstate, there were almost about 10 black older men who were cab drivers, and they were making it hard to give out the NYC condoms. They were screaming out NYC condoms weren’t good and they break easily. This affected our distribution of the condoms because no one wanted to take the condoms, and I realized that the cab drivers opinions are one way that the rumors of certain brand of condoms are spread.  This could lead to other rumors. I also noticed that some people were actually willing to tell me that they had either HIV or AIDS.

I noticed that a few men didn’t want to take the survey just because they were married and they didn’t want to listen to my explanation. They would just keep telling me that “we are men married for 35 years and don’t need condoms and things like that.” What we can do better the next time we go out to administer surveys and distribute condoms is find a better strategy for getting rid of the NYC condoms. We will  try to ensure that we have a great rebuttal to possible negative responses. My overall experience giving out the surveys and condoms was exciting because I’ve never done anything like this before.  It was enjoyable. The hardest thing overall is trying to promote AACAA to adolescents because some listen and some don’t.  Over the past few days, I learned that everything is a process. It takes hard work, and in our case we have no time to waste.